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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about renting, shipping and selecting the correct items for your adventures. Here you will find information about how to rent from Rivers To Lakes, how to care for your packraft or paddleboard, and general trip questions we get most often.

Common Rental Questions

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Yes! Changes can be made to reservation quotes or orders. Please give us as much notice as possible when changing dates or quantity. To change your order contact us via email or call us at 406-518-1261

To cancel a reservation please contact us via phone or text. 406-518-1261

We require a 24 hours notice before the item is delivered or shipped.

We charge full price for the rental when the reservation is approved. This way we can guarantee your rental in advance. For larger reservations we can discuss partial payment. For details please call. 406-518-1261

Reservation details are sent via email when the reservations is requested. We can provide a pdf version for your records if needed. Please email us at

Status updates to your reservation are sent via email. For any specific question please call or email. 406-518-1261

First off. Are you ok? We understand that in the wilderness the unexpected can happen. As a general rule we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated if something was damaged.

All equipment is assessed after it is returned. If an item is damaged during renting please let us know at when dropped off or when the item is shipped back. If after an inspection we find something damaged we will call and negotiate a price for the fix of the item. For any additional question call or email. 406-518-1261

Common Packraft Rental Questions

We carry primarially Kokopelli packrafts. We have several types to choose from. See more details by visiting our packraft page.

  • Rogue Lite
  • Nirvana Self-Bailer
  • Nirvana (bucket) with attached Skirt

Yes! We ship within the continental US.

Shipping can be added via email, phone or through our online checkout process.

Packrafts are the only item we ship. Paddle Boards and other accessories might not qualify for shipping. For any questions please call. 406-518-1261 or email

With a little practice we have found that inflating a packraft with the inflation bag and tube takes 30 minutes.

A repair kit is included in your packraft rental. We use a combination of seamseal, glued fabric strips and peel and stick tape commonly used in weatherproofing houses. Applying glue and fabric is the most complex as it tends to vary depending on the temperature.

Everyone carries their packraft differently depending on how far they need to hike or how long.

Inside the Backpack

While the least common way to carry a packraft, we find this to be the most protective to the packrat. Most damage to the packraft happens what traveling. Tucking the boat in the bottom of your pack and attaching the paddle to the outside of the pack is the best way to ensure the raft won’t be scratched or damaged while walking through trees or past rock walls.

Outside the Backpack

Rolling the accessories and paddle in the packraft and attaching to the bottom of the pack is the most common way to travel through the backcountry with a packraft.

Ensure that all yellow or thinner packraft fabric is tucked inside so only the floor fabric is exposed to the outside. The most difficult holes to patch on a packraft are the ones caused by scraping or sliding through trees or rocks.

The weight of our packrafts can range from 8 lbs to 18 lbs depending on the amount of accessories being carried.

We also recommend that all renters take lifejackets or helmets for their float. In some areas lifejackets are required to float even flatwater rivers. Please get educated and know what items you need to be compliant with local rules and regulations..

As a boater or customer of Rivers To Lakes, YOU are responsible for this answer. It’s also important that you understand the rules and regulations of the area you are looking to go. To learn more try searching the internet for your destination and the phrase "life jacket rules".

Common Paddleboard Rental Questions

Great question.

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has determined that SUP boards operated outside a surfing, swimming or bathing area are “vessels” under USCG regulations. The following refers to what that means for you when you’re outside those areas.

Life Jackets:

  • Each paddler 13 years of age or older must have a USCG-approved Type I, II, III, or appropriate Type V (see below) life jacket. It doesn’t have to be worn, although that’s certainly the wisest plan, and one which we strongly recommend.
  • A child 12-years old or younger must wear their USCG-approved life jacket.
  • The jacket must be in “serviceable condition,” without rips, tears or deterioration that will diminish its performance.
  • The jacket must be of an appropriate size and fit for the wearer. A Type V jacket can be used as long as it’s USCG-approved and applicable for the activity.
  • Belt pouch-type inflatable PFDs, such as the ones we carry, must be worn on the person to meet the life jacket regulation. For other types of inflatable PFDs, check the approval description printed on the unit for restrictions.
  • For all life jackets, be sure to read the label to know if special requirements pertain to that device.

Other Required Gear:

  • A whistle or other sound producing device must be carried to warn other boaters.
  • If you’re on the water after sunset, you need to have a flashlight, or similar lighting device, to warn other boaters.

What You Need to Do:

As the operator of a vessel, you need to follow the Navigation Rules.You are also required to report any boating accident or injury to the local reporting authority, either the USCG or other agency that has been delegated that authority.

Inflatable. All our boards are inflatable. This means you do not need a rack system to haul or use our paddle boards.

Our Glide boards weigh in the range of 23-26 lbs. When included with the roller-bag, paddle and lifejacket the weight is increased to about 30 lbs.

Each paddle board rental includes a pump. The pump includes a pressure gauge on the top to indicate what psi to inflate the board to. On average, we find it takes 30-45 minutes to inflate the board to the full psi rating.

Yes. Cause how else would you get around?

There is a bit of a debate here. In our opinion...paddleboards can function without the assistance of a fin. We find that when used on a lake the fin keeps the board from spinning and on rivers we prefer to not use the fin as it tends to hook on rocks or beaches easily.