Why Should You Rent With Rivers To Lakes?

Looking for the best rental experience? You have come to the right place. At Rivers To Lakes, we focus on customer service and helping you maximize your time on the water. We offer trip consultations, delivery, pick-up, and easy to transport items for rent. Read more below on why you should use Rivers To Lakes for your paddle board and rental needs. 

Front Door Delivery

Zero hassle rental. We offer front door delivery the evening before your rental is scheduled to start. Then we come pick-up the morning after your rental ends.

*Limited to Bozeman residents for a small fee. We deliver to hotels!


                                      Not living in Bozeman? We ship within the continental US. All deliveries are sent with a return label for an easy return.

*Limited to packrafts and boating accessories.

Meet-Up For Free Pick-Up!

Looking for a free delivery option? We offer pick-up and drop-off at our office in Bozeman. 

Dog Friendly Equipment

Our dog family is our adventure family. We take our animals on almost all our adventures and we hope you do too. 

Trip Planning!

Collectively we have been boating for more than 5 decades. We have the river and lake details you need to have a hassle free trip.

Contact us for a free trip consultation.


No 5pm Return Times

When we started Rivers To Lakes we wanted to build a company that let you have a full day of sun.

You get gear the day before your rental starts and we pick it up the day after.  That way you have a full day of fun!


Easy To Transport

Our packrafts and paddle boards are all inflatable. That means no awkward strapping to the top of your car.

Meet Up For Free Pickup!

Looking for a free delivery option? We offer pickup at our office in Bozeman. 

Easy Online Booking

Coming in from out of town? All our equipment inventory is available online and ready to be booked in advance. No more guessing availability day of.